Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pop Up Tent News from Our Pinnacle Tents Brand Prototype Tent Shop

Well, we have been quiet for a while busy with some new pop up tent design ideas and pop up tent improvements in our prototype tent shop and are ready to introduce them to the market.  A new pop up tent that we are excited to introduce is our pop up, self opening tent series XP4000 in 2, 3, and 4 person sizes. See Details .  These tents spring open in 3 seconds and have walls and roof made of fine mesh screen for great ventilation.  To top it off we cover it up with a full, highly waterproofed rain fly with a large vestibule front and back. Simply toss the tent out to open it, toss the rain fly over it and stake it all down and you are done.  Of course on hot, clear days you can use the tent without the rain fly and enjoy the full ventilation of the screening and do some star gazing.  For versatility, the rain fly for Pinnacle Tents brand XP4000 series tents will be compatible with our XP3033 series tents so you can upgrade your XP3033 series tent to a 4 season tent whenever you choose.  As always, we use the best tent materials such as zinc plated spring steel for an unbreakable frame and high quality polyester fabrics. Please leave us a comment on what you think since your suggestions drive our future products and enhancements.