Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tent Camping: 71% of Teens Say This.....

Tent Camping:
2016 was another growth year for tent camping participation and 2017 looks like even a busier year for camping.  A majority of all ages surveyed plan to spend more or the same number of nights camping this year.  Millennials are leading the way by far showing the most enthusiasm over tent camping nights in 2017. 

Tent Camping Trends
71% of teen campers surveyed by KOA said they still want to camp even without access to technology or the ability to stay connected.  In fact, half of the teens surveyed say that camping offers them an opportunity to unplug from technology according to the study.  So grab your tent, put down your devices and get out there and look around and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Canvas Tents, Pop Up Tents, Quick Setup Dome Tent - Redesigned Website Pinnacle Tents

We just went live with our newly redesigned consumer camping tent website . Drop by and add to the discussion and share any camping tips and stories you have.  We will also now be hosting our blog on our site so we encourage you to visit and add to the discussion, since that will be the most up to date blog.  We couldn't transfer all of our reviews to our new camping tent site so we encourage our customers both old and new alike to share their experiences with our tents and service.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Screen Tent
Our Pinnacle Tents brand screen tent is a revolutionary design. This screen tent is made for quick deployment so you can set up and pack it down quickly. Many of our customers use it for camping but there are lots of other uses such as for participants at dog shows, craft events, the beach, or anywhere a bug free environment and temporary screen tent shelter is needed. Use it fully open with screens for ventilation or fully closed for complete shelter or with 4 awnings extended for shade from the sun.  Our new screen tent design features a larger rain fly per our customer requests. Check out all the specifications at

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Canvas Tents - New Canvas Tent Design Ready to Ship

Pinnacle tents brand new canvas tents are ready to ship. We listened to your ideas and requests and have improved our canvas tents per your feedback. We added a roof extension to the rain fly to cover the eaves to protect the open windows when it is raining. In addition to other minor changes, we made the carry bag out of the same canvas tent material and made it oversized so you won't have to struggle packing it all up. Thanks to all our customers for their great input on making our canvas tents the best in the business. See all our canvas tent details here

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pop Up Tent News from Our Pinnacle Tents Brand Prototype Tent Shop

Well, we have been quiet for a while busy with some new pop up tent design ideas and pop up tent improvements in our prototype tent shop and are ready to introduce them to the market.  A new pop up tent that we are excited to introduce is our pop up, self opening tent series XP4000 in 2, 3, and 4 person sizes. See Details .  These tents spring open in 3 seconds and have walls and roof made of fine mesh screen for great ventilation.  To top it off we cover it up with a full, highly waterproofed rain fly with a large vestibule front and back. Simply toss the tent out to open it, toss the rain fly over it and stake it all down and you are done.  Of course on hot, clear days you can use the tent without the rain fly and enjoy the full ventilation of the screening and do some star gazing.  For versatility, the rain fly for Pinnacle Tents brand XP4000 series tents will be compatible with our XP3033 series tents so you can upgrade your XP3033 series tent to a 4 season tent whenever you choose.  As always, we use the best tent materials such as zinc plated spring steel for an unbreakable frame and high quality polyester fabrics. Please leave us a comment on what you think since your suggestions drive our future products and enhancements. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Canvas Tents Warehouse - Here we grow again

Despite the negative economic news, Pinnacle Tents is thriving and has outgrown its current warehouse and expanded into a new warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona. Now we can house all of our factory manufactured tents in one convenient location to provide you the best in customer service. We can now offer the following benefits:

• Same day shipping for tent orders placed by 2PM PST Monday through Friday
• LTL, truckload, or container shipments for wholesale tent orders
• Custom packaging of tents
• Tent parts inventory and shipping
• Tent order shipment tracking
• Drop shipping of tents (in development)
• Will call local customer tent order pickup
• Custom tent warehousing – we inventory and ship your tents to you when you need them

We also streamlined and automated our order fulfillment process so our customers can realize the benefit of fast shipping and tracking. We are excited to further expand our business.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Self Erecting Pop Up Tent - New Design

NEWS: We were excited to have the opportunity to exhibit our tents this year at the OUTDOOR RETAILER SHOW in Salt Lake City from 8/8-8/11/2008. After over a year of design work, we showcased our new patent pending pop up self erecting style tent and it got rave reviews and generated a lot of excitement from visitors at our booth. The show allowed us to show off our newly designed tents and also spotlight the versatility of our tent manufacturing that we have done for the Girl Scouts, US Military, Jack Daniels, Snap-On Tools, Grand Canyon Expeditions, Naturalists at Large and a host of other outfitters, retreat centers, and individual campers. Of course, along with all the work we got to have some fun too. The outdoor industry has a unique casualness and we met a lot of friendly people, attended some great parties at the show and gatherings outside the show. I would recommend doing whatever you can to make your way to the show in the future as you get to see all the new gear and it is always a fun time by all. Hope to see you all there next year! Check out and order our limited offered Pop up Tents.

Here is the much awaited redesign of our pop up self erecting tent. It is much more durable and waterproof than previous self erecting tent designs. It has an unbreakable spring steel frame. We listened to your suggestions and worked on better materials and a new roof design. We are making 4 different model tents. These tents started shipping at the end of November 2008. We are manufacturing limited quantities and you can buy one now at our consumer website. Please leave us a comment if you have some time. See a video of how easy it is to set up and fold our pop up tents at the following links - Setting up the Pinnacle Pop up Tent.
Folding the Pinnacle Pop up Tent.
Check out our new pop up tent brochures at: