Thursday, May 7, 2009

Canvas Tents Warehouse - Here we grow again

Despite the negative economic news, Pinnacle Tents is thriving and has outgrown its current warehouse and expanded into a new warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona. Now we can house all of our factory manufactured tents in one convenient location to provide you the best in customer service. We can now offer the following benefits:

• Same day shipping for tent orders placed by 2PM PST Monday through Friday
• LTL, truckload, or container shipments for wholesale tent orders
• Custom packaging of tents
• Tent parts inventory and shipping
• Tent order shipment tracking
• Drop shipping of tents (in development)
• Will call local customer tent order pickup
• Custom tent warehousing – we inventory and ship your tents to you when you need them

We also streamlined and automated our order fulfillment process so our customers can realize the benefit of fast shipping and tracking. We are excited to further expand our business.


Sharon said...

Pinnacle Tents is absolutely THE BEST company with which I have ever done business. If everyone at Pinnacle is as cheerful, courteous, and helpful as Grace, it must be an awesome place to work!
I work with the public too and so many times we joke about, "When do WE get to be customer?"
Pinnacle made me "the customer" and it is the most refreshing experience I've had in years!
Genuine Thanks to all involved in servicing my order. I will be recommending Pinnacle whenever I get the opportunity.
Sharon Travis

Unknown said...

I have been camping for over 60 years & I know a bit about tents. My husband and I have been using our Pinniacle Quick Set Dome Tent #702 for 2 seasons & we love it. The only thing we would change would be the height from 60" to
72", but we manage very well.
As for service, Grace and others are wonderful. Pinnace produces a good product & the employees make Pinnacle great.
Barbara Amand

mjsuperfan said...

Have you ever made a tent for a child with special needs to sleep in?
We have twins with autism who sleep best when in a small cozy space. They are out-growing their crib tents. We ordered a specially-made autism sleep tent, but the materials are rather flimsy, and one twin stuck his feet through the mesh window.
The next stronger item we found on the market costs $1,500+.

My other question is do you do custom tent repair? I would like to have the screen windows on our current tent replaced or covered with a stronger type of mesh.
Thank you in Advance!

Kevin said...

We have never manufactured a tent for special needs individuals but will consider it for future production. Thanks for your suggestion. We do not have a repair facility but any upholstery shop can usually repair anything you need.