Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outstanding Canvas Tents

I headed the committee that purchased twenty Pinnacle tents for our meditation center. We've used tents for a number of years and have lots of experience -- some of it very trying. The last batch of tents we tried barely lasted through the season. That's when we found Pinnacle. We noted numerous benefits in using Pinnacle's #644 tent: larger windows, better zippers (bigger and stronger), heavier floor -- the list goes on. And, the extended rain fly helped keep out the undesirable weather (we get lots of it in New England -- our tents are up from May to September). And, any questions, concerns and the like have been handled quickly and efficiently. It's been a real pleasure to work with Pinnacle.


Kevin said...

Thanks for your comments Rick and the letter ( DOWNLOAD FILE ) that you wrote to us. We always like to help our customers with advice on tents and to hear how our tents are performing in the field.

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say that I purchased a similar tent to the 644 almost 8 years ago and absolutely love it. It has stood up to harsh weather, from desert heat to mountain snow and high winds, over months of camping time. It never leaked or otherwise failed me the whole time.

Unfortunately the nylon side-wall loops did fail this past fall (while I was cleaning it out to pack it for the Winter). That's something that probably wouldn't have happened if I had used a rain fly- nothing stands up to sun forever.

In the next month- I plan to buy a new 647 tent to replace it- and I expect I will get at least 8 years out of it (with a rain fly this time). NOTHING beats a good canvas tent for durability and usable space, and these tents are very well-built and affordable.

Unknown said...

I'm new to tent camping. I just bought ModelXP3033-2 Two Person self erecting tent. The question I have is what do I do to tie the tent down to the ground after it is erected? What do I need to buy to make sure that the tent will withstand winds?

Grace said...

Hi George,

There are 8 steel stakes and 4 guy ropes included in the package you received that you can use to stake the tent. There are also 4 guy rope attach loops at the 4 sides of the tent for this very purpose.

Let us know should you have further questions.

Enjoy your camping,


Unknown said...

Just Talked to Rick McCabe. Said he had the tents for three years now and he reccomends them. I gues I will be placing an order

Anonymous said...

I purchased a #647 in the summer of 2010 to use for a November Colorado Elk hunting trip. Everyone I know recommends the double wall canvas tents with no floor and a self made frame. I looked at many tents and decided on this style. I considered going with a competitors tent. After I talked to Kevin about the Pinnacle tent I decided to order one because I wanted a steel frame and a floor. The first person to see it up was a Colorado warden. He knew we were rookies, but when he saw our tent he was impressed! I couldn't be happier with this tent. It is everything that Kevin told me it was and more.